Reboxed by Steve Bedwell

A moment of pure astonishment, and a sell-out at Magi-Fest 2014. Reboxed is a jaw dropping, pure moment of magic.

“A total mind @&*#!. It fooled me.” -Gary Kurtz

“Just Do It” Dan Garrett

“I was completely fooled! What a great idea!” Bruce Cervon

A deck of cards are removed from their box. Slowly, with no cover of any kind, the entire deck visually penetrates the card box. The box is re opened, the entire deck is now back inside the card box.

The deck and the box are fully examinable at the end.

The brand new DVD features, Steve Bedwell himself, winner of the coveted “International Brotherhood of Magician’s Gold Cups Award” teaching you everything you need to know about Reboxed. What more could you possibly want???

DVD includes:

  • Steve’s performance including handling and tips.
  • The gimmick.
  • Reboxed explanation- 3 clear easy to follow steps.
  • The clean up.

Comes complete with the Reboxed gimmick and DVD.

Highly recommended, the DVD and the teaching are both excellent. It couldn’t be easier learn and perform and the set up is all in the card box at the beginning of the effect. You can be ready at a moments notice. Very little practice is needed. You’ll not only fool yourself in the mirror doing Reboxed, but you’ll blow your audience away. It’s the perfect opener because you don’t have to say anything. Restaurants, walk around, banquets, anywhere, just say “watch this” and do it. They will gasp at the illusion. Now you have their attention and can perform your next miracle!

Steve Bedwell MD??

Don’t be fooled by the MD, Steve’s funny! He wakes up healthcare audiences, shakes up their outlook and shows them that greater success is just a fresh perspective away.

Steve’s track record of outstanding success is a testimony to the power of getting a fresh perspective. After graduating from medical school, he journeyed across continents teaching and conducting research in the USA, Europe and Australia. He even found himself deep in the African jungle removing an appendix under the illumination from a car headlight!

After years of teaching the complexities of medicine with clarity and humor, Steve decided to focus his considerable talent and vital message, that success happens when we get a fresh perspective towards the corporate and association markets.

While still practicing medicine, Steve somehow found time to revisit his childhood passion for sleight of hand. His ability to get a fresh perspective on the art of magic brought him instant recognition. Steve’s innovative routines and versatility baffled the best minds in magic and within a few short years he earned international acclaim as the winner of the International Brotherhood of Magician’s Gold Cups Award. (This award is the highest honor to be bestowed by this organization.)

Steve Bedwell retired from his career as a medical doctor to become the most sought after comedy magician in England. Headlining shows all over the world Steve is one of the few performers in the world to headline at both Monday Night Magic ~ New York and London. Hilarious, eye-popping magic is not only practical and devastating, but also diabolically simplisti